Arcy + Jerry.. peace, love, vegan.


I was so excited when I initially heard from Arcy, a vegan bride-to-be who seemed just as excited to have found me (not too many vegan wedding photographers out there!) Not only did I immediately take to her and Jerry because they’re dedicated vegans, but they are simply two amazing people.  And together they created one adorably sweet little boy, Declan.

I loved all of their craftiness and personalization that went into their big day; from the hand stitched New Jersey state cloth napkins, to flags made from NJ Path schedules, there was nothing that went unthought of.  Every detail was cruelty-free.  The vegan reception was catered by the wonderful Bread and Spoon, with so much love and care put into each dish.  And the cake.. well, let’s just say that as a wedding photographer who never eats cake at weddings because it’s never vegan, I was simply in heaven.  It was delicious.

The theme of the wedding was tartan and New Jersey – for their home state and Jerry’s heritage; it all came together so beautifully and artistically.  I wouldn’t have expected any less from these two though!  We had such a blast, and the best part was seeing Arcy and Jerry so obviously happy, with their little boy right there immersed in the celebration the entire time.  Right down to the walking down the aisle part.

I can’t think of any better way to have ended the wedding season; and as I’m not currently booking any more weddings until further notice, it was also the greatest way to end a wonderful chapter in my life.. Thank you Arcy and Jerry, for your compassion, dedication, love and appreciation of life!  Many years of happiness and joy to you both.

(See vendor information below photos)


arcy & jerry-1

arcy & jerry-2



Stationery (invitations, programs, menus, thank you notes):


Sky Printing

338 Montgomery Street  Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 433-3133



Peter James Floral
Ocean Avenue  The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel,
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
(732) 455-5525


Bread and Spoon, Jersey City


Vegan Treats
1444 Linden Street  Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 861-7660


Bridal gown:

LaBelle Boutique:
154 Danforth Avenue  Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 434-4143


Natasha Mohan, Jersey City


Mobina, Jersey City



St. Patrick
492 Bramhall Avenue  Jersey City, NJ 07304
(201) 332-8600





Scottish American Club
40 Patterson St., Kearny, NJ, 07032




First Student

Wedding Planner:
BeLovely Events



Pins and patches:
Microcosm Publishing


Bride’s necklace:

Antoinette Vintage

119 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY


Kristin and Anthony.. a love to weather the storm

I feel like Kristin and Anthony will always have good luck.  On the day of our planned engagement session in Central Park, the weather was dark and rainy.. I was worried that they might want to cancel, since we had planned all of shots to be outdoors throughout the park.  Well, not only did they not want to cancel, but they arrived cheerful and ready to battle the weather in stride.  They were even willing to jump into a boat with pending rain clouds overhead, so we could get some romantic, “The Notebook” inspired shots.. I don’t necessarily mind the rain, except for the concern for my camera getting wet; but the day turned out to be magical.  We got some of the best light I’ve ever seen, in between rain showers and clouds moving in and out around the sun.. (Click here to see some photos from their engagement session)

I knew after the fun we had in Central Park, their wedding day would be nothing short of amazing.. But of course, timing is everything.  As the big day approached, east coast residents waited for updates about the severity of Hurricane Sandy, which was scheduled to hit the coast of New Jersey just one or two days after Kristin and Anthony’s wedding on Saturday, October 27th.  And their wedding was taking place in the worst location of all – the Jersey shore.  Although I was slightly concerned, I should have known that nothing, not even a record breaking hurricane, could bring them down.  The weather was eerily beautiful on Saturday, as the air began to slowly change and bring in the calm warning that things were quickly going to become disastrous.  We headed down to the beach after the ceremony for some portraits, but were unable to get onto the sand due to precautionary blockades.  The boardwalk still offered an awesome location for photos though.  The night went beautifully, as Sandy held back until the weekend ended.  After seeing the destruction on the news the following week, especially the damage done to the Jersey shore, I couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful that we were able to capture the happiest moments for Kristin and Anthony at the very location where there would be soon be nothing but debris, flooding and tragedy.  My heart goes out to all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy; but the ironic beauty of watching these two celebrate their love amidst an historical devastating act of Mother Nature was inspiring, to say the least.

If there are any two people that can weather the storm together, it’s Kristin and Anthony.  I am so happy for you two.. May you always keep that laughter and hope alive!

Cheers to indestructible love.

kristin & anthony


Vendor Information:

Wedding Gown by David’s Bridal
Rings by a friend, Roberto Decastro
Bridal party dresses, all varied designers
DJ – Ben Carlin of 74Events
Groom’s cake by Owl and the Pussycake Cakes
Reception held at Eagle Ridge Golf Club, Lakewood, NJ
Ceremony held at St. Peter’s Church, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Jess & Allan dance into marriage!

In the beautifully quaint town of Saratoga Springs, NY, Jessica and Allan tied the knot in style.  As a former dancer myself, I thoroughly appreciated their choice in venue – The National Museum of Dance.  It was an elegant, simplistic, artistic setting for two amazing people to celebrate their love, and dance their way into a new beginning…and guests definitely shared in the dancing as well!  It was such a fun night, with really great music and lots of love.

I know Jess through a family friend, and I’m so grateful that I was able to be part of their special day.  Their family and friends made the night even more incredible; it’s always so inspiring for me to see the close bond between parents, children, sisters, grandparents and other family members.. And how it all comes together for one huge moment and one unforgettable day is beyond beautiful.

Best wishes to you Jess and Allan!!

(vendor details to come)


Kiriaki and Michael’s Gorgeous Greek Wedding

I’ve known Kiki and Mike for well over a year now, when Kiki found me and asked me to be their wedding photographer.  They are simply an amazing couple.  Kiki is an extremely talented singer/songwriter, and I encourage you to visit her website and listen for yourself:  When we first met, she gave me her latest CD, and when I listened to it, I fell in love with her voice!  And not only is she an excellent singer, but a talented songwriter, and also plays the piano beautifully.

The thing I love most about Kiki and Mike is that they were friends for years before dating.  It’s what all great love stories are made of – a strong friendship before all else.  And their devoted Greek background is clearly a huge foundation for what keeps their love so powerful.  Kiki and Mike each have a beautifully close knit family, that is admirable to say the least.  Watching Kiki’s father give her away at the altar was a very emotional moment, as he held nothing back, and clearly loves her more than words.

It was such a treat to watch the beauty of a traditional Greek wedding ceremony, and the excitement of all the guests at their reception as they took part in Greek dancing all night long.  I have always felt that dancing brings people together like nothing else, and this wedding was absolute proof of that, in every way.

Kiki and Mike, you are wonderful.  I truly hope that I was able, in some small way, to adequately document your true love and happiness.. Here’s to you both, and the incredible family you now share.

Alicia & Akili’s romantic Brooklyn wedding

I was referred by a former bride to the lovely Alicia and Akili, and knew from the night we met that their wedding would be one to remember.  Their “how we met” story is one of the most unique I’ve ever heard:  They both attended a Halloween party with friends one year, and coincidentally both came dressed up as a little boy dressed as Spiderman.  Seriously.   They hit it off that night, and the rest is history.  (Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?!!)  To describe just how cute these two really are, I think Alicia puts it best, ” I make up silly little dance moves to make Akili laugh…We like to do the robot and pretend that we are professional dancers.”  L O V E  T H E M.

You can tell just how in love they are too – and their wedding day represented this in so much romantic beauty.  Their ceremony was held outdoors, overlooking the Manhattan skyline as the sun set over the skyscrapers.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  The Brooklyn bridge was shining nearby, and it was just such an amazing view from Giando on the Water in Williamsburg.

Akili and Alicia – I wish you so much happiness, and whatever you do – please don’t forget that fateful night you met, and may your spirits never grow old!! xoxo

Gabrielle & Alex ~ A fairytale garden wedding

You may remember this adorable couple from last Fall, when we had a super fun day shooting their engagement session.  Well, Winter and Spring quickly passed, and their wedding day arrived so quickly!  I really like Gabby & Alex.  Gabby is so sweet and gentle, she’s really like the girl-next-door meets a Disney princess, and you can see from the photos that she truly looked like a princess indeed.  Alex is such a nice guy, the kind you’d want to be friends with, and trust with anything.  Together they are a dynamic couple!!

Amanda and I were excited for their wedding, as the location they chose was so beautiful.  It was held at the Grand Colonial in New Jersey, and the weather was too perfect.  Gabby & Alex decided to do a first look – where they see each other before their ceremony.  Although many couples like to wait for the bride’s grand entrance at the ceremony for the groom to see her, the first look is a popular choice for couples who want to take their portraits earlier in the day.  This way, they can fully enjoy themselves at their cocktail hour without having to worry about photos.  It’s a nice way to save time on a day where time is limited and very precious.

I hope you enjoy their photos, and can see their love radiating the way that we did while taking these photos.  Congrats Gabrielle & Alex!!

Pamela & Chris .. Wedding Day

I first met Pamela and Chris back in September when we did their engagement session.  Chris was a West Point graduate and Pamela was in her last year at the Academy.  She graduated right before their May wedding.  These two are so adorable and sweet, I knew from our engagement shoot that we would have so much fun at their wedding, and we did.  Their playful interactions and deep gazes into one another’s eyes make the job of a photographer pretty easy.  Simply put, they are in love!

This was my third wedding at West Point, including one I shot for another studio.  Each time I visit here, I am finding new things that I didn’t notice before, and the historic beauty is always a pleasant sight.  Although I have shot two wedding previous to Pam and Chris’, this was my first time in the Cadet Chapel.  (The other two ceremonies were held in the Catholic Chapel.)  The Cadet Chapel is breathtaking.  Tall, sweeping ceilings and a mile long aisle are just part of the grandness of this building.  I could spend all day just looking around at the stone walls, narrow winding staircases and stained glass windows… I didn’t even mind that the lighting was so dim inside I had to shoot at 2500+ ISO the whole time 🙂  Being inside this chapel is truly an experience, especially when two cadets are being married!

You’ll notice a few photos with Pam’s Maid of Honor in the navy blue dress – that is her twin sister, and they are so cute together.  I love the photo where they’re making faces at one another.  As the middle of two sisters, I understand this close relationship all too well 🙂  Nothing makes me happier than working with people who clearly value their family and friends, and bring that love into their wedding day.

Thank you to Amanda-lee for your amazing coverage and fabulous partnership!!

Ok, enough words.  Now time for the photos!

Pam & Chris.. You are a magical couple, and I am certain that together you will make the world a better place.  Cheers.


A journey in the making .. Aly & Mike

They met in high school, and according to friends, were crazy for one another from the very beginning.  Although they took a short break at one point in their relationship, it seems as if they always knew this day would come.  There might not be anything quite as romantic as young love, and it gets me every time.. My grandparents dated for most of their youth, before marrying just after high school – and after nearly 60 years, are still very much in love.  I know this isn’t true for all relationships, unfortunately, but for Aly and Mike, I am certain they too will celebrate their 60th anniversary one day.  And as Mike’s good friend said during his speech, it’s all about being best friends in the end.  As I near my own 2nd wedding anniversary, I know this all too well.

Their wedding was on Earth Day, and they had an all vegetarian reception (yay!), held at the Hillside Manor in Kingston, NY.  Their favors to guests were little tree saplings, so perfect for honoring Earth Day (see below).  The intense storm that came through that weekend didn’t even slightly bother either of them.  I overheard someone telling them that it had rained on his wedding day years ago, and he is still happily married.  Love it.  But I have a feeling Aly and Mike weren’t worried about the weather being any indication of their future together 🙂

I am nowhere near the point of being able to deliver years of wisdom to my couples, newly married, but I do know that there is something to be said for making a commitment to your best friend, and jumping into the unknown together, with so many adventures and changes yet to come.  I am so grateful that I was able to capture Aly and Mike at the end of their seven years together, and the beginning of their new journey as husband and wife.  May you two always be each other’s high school sweethearts, through rain or shine.

As always, thank you Amanda-lee for your amazing coverage!!

a Jersey City engagement & wow, it’s been a while (!!!)

Well, this will definitely begin a new season of engagements, weddings, babies, and lots more happiness through photos.  I am so glad to be working with this couple, as they are not only both vegan (and have the cutest vegan toddler!), but they are simply so much in love.  Their silliness and youthful personalities transcend in front of the camera, and I can only imagine how amazing their wedding day will be.  We ventured around their neighborhood in Jersey City for some fun urban shots and reckless train track posing, then picked up their son because how could I not take photos of him?!  Engagement sessions are about two people in love, celebrating their new life together – but when those two people share the beauty of being parents, it means so much to include the child in their session.  I am so glad Declan was up for some fun shots!

Note:  The photo with the chalkboards involved underwent some experimental Photoshop-ing by moi.  I didn’t love the look of the chalkboards, so if you’re wondering why they appear a bit unnatural, it is on purpose 🙂 oh, and Go Vegan!

The Knot Best of Weddings

I am proud to announce that Kiley Mullen Photography has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2012 Pick!  Thank you all so much for your amazing support.  I truly have the best clients in the world!

xo, K.