Farm Sanctuary – the lovinternship

I want to post a few more photos really quickly before I go to bed. Being an intern here has put me into a great routine, including a much earlier bedtime! Enjoying every day here, and I can’t wait to spend more quality time with the animals when I’m not in the office. I definitely have my little helpers in the office though, three cats who love to hang out. I have included the names I can remember from my visit last weekend on the farm, I’m so sorry to those adorable ones whose names I haven’t remembered yet. By the way, Holly & Tinsel – two young calves who are truly the cutest little babies ever. You will be seeing more photos of them, I assure you!!

Goodnight, and more to come soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Farm Sanctuary – the lovinternship

  1. Kiley thanks for posting these. As always, you are amazing at capturing the beauty in anything, and you did a great job again with these animals. You can see the love and life of the animals in each pic. They are at peace there and I wish all farm animals could be in their short lives but aren’t lucky enough and it’s great to see that there is goodness out there from time to time.

    Thanks Kiley, keep up the good work and the good fight.


    • Your words are so touching Yvette!! It is such an honor to be a guest in their home, and to interact with them and photograph them.. It isn’t hard to make them look beautiful, no photoshop needed 🙂 I hope you can come here someday and see this place, you would just love it. Keep the peace going strong back in CA for me!! xoxo

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