a Jersey City engagement & wow, it’s been a while (!!!)

Well, this will definitely begin a new season of engagements, weddings, babies, and lots more happiness through photos.  I am so glad to be working with this couple, as they are not only both vegan (and have the cutest vegan toddler!), but they are simply so much in love.  Their silliness and youthful personalities transcend in front of the camera, and I can only imagine how amazing their wedding day will be.  We ventured around their neighborhood in Jersey City for some fun urban shots and reckless train track posing, then picked up their son because how could I not take photos of him?!  Engagement sessions are about two people in love, celebrating their new life together – but when those two people share the beauty of being parents, it means so much to include the child in their session.  I am so glad Declan was up for some fun shots!

Note:  The photo with the chalkboards involved underwent some experimental Photoshop-ing by moi.  I didn’t love the look of the chalkboards, so if you’re wondering why they appear a bit unnatural, it is on purpose 🙂 oh, and Go Vegan!


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