A journey in the making .. Aly & Mike

They met in high school, and according to friends, were crazy for one another from the very beginning.  Although they took a short break at one point in their relationship, it seems as if they always knew this day would come.  There might not be anything quite as romantic as young love, and it gets me every time.. My grandparents dated for most of their youth, before marrying just after high school – and after nearly 60 years, are still very much in love.  I know this isn’t true for all relationships, unfortunately, but for Aly and Mike, I am certain they too will celebrate their 60th anniversary one day.  And as Mike’s good friend said during his speech, it’s all about being best friends in the end.  As I near my own 2nd wedding anniversary, I know this all too well.

Their wedding was on Earth Day, and they had an all vegetarian reception (yay!), held at the Hillside Manor in Kingston, NY.  Their favors to guests were little tree saplings, so perfect for honoring Earth Day (see below).  The intense storm that came through that weekend didn’t even slightly bother either of them.  I overheard someone telling them that it had rained on his wedding day years ago, and he is still happily married.  Love it.  But I have a feeling Aly and Mike weren’t worried about the weather being any indication of their future together 🙂

I am nowhere near the point of being able to deliver years of wisdom to my couples, newly married, but I do know that there is something to be said for making a commitment to your best friend, and jumping into the unknown together, with so many adventures and changes yet to come.  I am so grateful that I was able to capture Aly and Mike at the end of their seven years together, and the beginning of their new journey as husband and wife.  May you two always be each other’s high school sweethearts, through rain or shine.

As always, thank you Amanda-lee for your amazing coverage!!


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