Pamela & Chris .. Wedding Day

I first met Pamela and Chris back in September when we did their engagement session.  Chris was a West Point graduate and Pamela was in her last year at the Academy.  She graduated right before their May wedding.  These two are so adorable and sweet, I knew from our engagement shoot that we would have so much fun at their wedding, and we did.  Their playful interactions and deep gazes into one another’s eyes make the job of a photographer pretty easy.  Simply put, they are in love!

This was my third wedding at West Point, including one I shot for another studio.  Each time I visit here, I am finding new things that I didn’t notice before, and the historic beauty is always a pleasant sight.  Although I have shot two wedding previous to Pam and Chris’, this was my first time in the Cadet Chapel.  (The other two ceremonies were held in the Catholic Chapel.)  The Cadet Chapel is breathtaking.  Tall, sweeping ceilings and a mile long aisle are just part of the grandness of this building.  I could spend all day just looking around at the stone walls, narrow winding staircases and stained glass windows… I didn’t even mind that the lighting was so dim inside I had to shoot at 2500+ ISO the whole time 🙂  Being inside this chapel is truly an experience, especially when two cadets are being married!

You’ll notice a few photos with Pam’s Maid of Honor in the navy blue dress – that is her twin sister, and they are so cute together.  I love the photo where they’re making faces at one another.  As the middle of two sisters, I understand this close relationship all too well 🙂  Nothing makes me happier than working with people who clearly value their family and friends, and bring that love into their wedding day.

Thank you to Amanda-lee for your amazing coverage and fabulous partnership!!

Ok, enough words.  Now time for the photos!

Pam & Chris.. You are a magical couple, and I am certain that together you will make the world a better place.  Cheers.



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