Gabrielle & Alex ~ A fairytale garden wedding

You may remember this adorable couple from last Fall, when we had a super fun day shooting their engagement session.  Well, Winter and Spring quickly passed, and their wedding day arrived so quickly!  I really like Gabby & Alex.  Gabby is so sweet and gentle, she’s really like the girl-next-door meets a Disney princess, and you can see from the photos that she truly looked like a princess indeed.  Alex is such a nice guy, the kind you’d want to be friends with, and trust with anything.  Together they are a dynamic couple!!

Amanda and I were excited for their wedding, as the location they chose was so beautiful.  It was held at the Grand Colonial in New Jersey, and the weather was too perfect.  Gabby & Alex decided to do a first look – where they see each other before their ceremony.  Although many couples like to wait for the bride’s grand entrance at the ceremony for the groom to see her, the first look is a popular choice for couples who want to take their portraits earlier in the day.  This way, they can fully enjoy themselves at their cocktail hour without having to worry about photos.  It’s a nice way to save time on a day where time is limited and very precious.

I hope you enjoy their photos, and can see their love radiating the way that we did while taking these photos.  Congrats Gabrielle & Alex!!

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