Kristin and Anthony.. a love to weather the storm

I feel like Kristin and Anthony will always have good luck.  On the day of our planned engagement session in Central Park, the weather was dark and rainy.. I was worried that they might want to cancel, since we had planned all of shots to be outdoors throughout the park.  Well, not only did they not want to cancel, but they arrived cheerful and ready to battle the weather in stride.  They were even willing to jump into a boat with pending rain clouds overhead, so we could get some romantic, “The Notebook” inspired shots.. I don’t necessarily mind the rain, except for the concern for my camera getting wet; but the day turned out to be magical.  We got some of the best light I’ve ever seen, in between rain showers and clouds moving in and out around the sun.. (Click here to see some photos from their engagement session)

I knew after the fun we had in Central Park, their wedding day would be nothing short of amazing.. But of course, timing is everything.  As the big day approached, east coast residents waited for updates about the severity of Hurricane Sandy, which was scheduled to hit the coast of New Jersey just one or two days after Kristin and Anthony’s wedding on Saturday, October 27th.  And their wedding was taking place in the worst location of all – the Jersey shore.  Although I was slightly concerned, I should have known that nothing, not even a record breaking hurricane, could bring them down.  The weather was eerily beautiful on Saturday, as the air began to slowly change and bring in the calm warning that things were quickly going to become disastrous.  We headed down to the beach after the ceremony for some portraits, but were unable to get onto the sand due to precautionary blockades.  The boardwalk still offered an awesome location for photos though.  The night went beautifully, as Sandy held back until the weekend ended.  After seeing the destruction on the news the following week, especially the damage done to the Jersey shore, I couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful that we were able to capture the happiest moments for Kristin and Anthony at the very location where there would be soon be nothing but debris, flooding and tragedy.  My heart goes out to all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy; but the ironic beauty of watching these two celebrate their love amidst an historical devastating act of Mother Nature was inspiring, to say the least.

If there are any two people that can weather the storm together, it’s Kristin and Anthony.  I am so happy for you two.. May you always keep that laughter and hope alive!

Cheers to indestructible love.

kristin & anthony


Vendor Information:

Wedding Gown by David’s Bridal
Rings by a friend, Roberto Decastro
Bridal party dresses, all varied designers
DJ – Ben Carlin of 74Events
Groom’s cake by Owl and the Pussycake Cakes
Reception held at Eagle Ridge Golf Club, Lakewood, NJ
Ceremony held at St. Peter’s Church, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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